Monday, August 31, 2009

All This Election Talk

Is really getting old. The MSM hasn't ceased to stop talking about when Iggy is going to "pull the plug" on the government, or who will win this supposed fall election. Remember a few months ago? It was all about a Summer election. And before that? A Spring election? And before that? The coalition government. Will they just give it a rest already. I've been without a computer for a while now and stuck listening to election this, election that. The only thing worse was the never-ending blather about Michael Jackson's death. Where all this election nonsense is coming from I don't know. Even the CBC says that there is no decision yet on triggering election. There may well be an election, but it would sure be nice to hear about something else. With internet access and a computer again expect a few more posts from me - and not about the "election."

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More Bad News for Alta Farmers

Farmers once again are in trouble after another storm leaves farms across Alberta badly damaged. The year started off badly when cold temperatures lasted well into the summer months. The first storm hit towns outside of Calgary such as Crossfield, Airdrie, Irricana and Carstairs the worst. Piles of hail reached up to four feet! Personal gardens and farmer's fields were damaged if not destroyed. A second storm Monday evening ripped through the Cardston-Lethbridge area with heavy rain and large hailstones. Another leg of the same storm hit farther north past Calgary. With a late start in the summer and poor growing weather the storm could be a major setback for farmers and place a lot of strain on government coffers. Compensation to the farmers will not aid the still struggling economy in any way. Low crop yields are sure to cause further strain. The weather shows no immediate signs of warming, with cool, wet temperatures for most of Alberta.

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