Sunday, May 1, 2011

At Last...... Bin Laden Dead

President Obama has just announced that Osama Bin Laden, the mastermind behind the September 11 attacks. This day is long overdue!

CBC Live Feed

The timing is interesting. I know both the Liberals and the NDP spoke against this mission in recent years. I hope people remember that the Tories stuck with the mission to the end.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Political Correctness of a Whole New Level

A publishing company entitled NewSouth Books is republishing Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer books without the racial slur n-----. As a scholar and an English undergrad, I find this disturbing. Why should we alter classics? While I understand the connotations the slur carries, I see no reason to hide from it. At Twain's time, the correct term was black. I think being exposed to the word, and Twain's usage of it can lead to academic discussion. Why did he use it? Was he prejudice? etc. The NewSouth Books company hopes to give children the opportunity to read Huck Finn without being exposed to the slur. Could that exposure not be a learning opportunity and educational? I have read many books which are somewhat offensive, insulting or otherwise not politically correct. Shakespeare, Donne, Carpe Diem poets and others write things which offensive, sexist and racist. I would go so far to say that many modern books portray some sort of unfair stereotype. I do not condone any -isms, but neither do I wish to bury myself in the sand. It exists and I think my study of such writings is educational and beneficial.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Land Stewardship Act

Here's a good listen that explains this communist act.
Land Stewardship Act

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Quar'an Burning in Florida Sept 11.

A brilliant move by a pastor in Florida is causing a rather large fuss. Pastor Terry Jones is planning to old a Quar'an burning at his church on September 11th to protest the events of 9/11. While the events of the date should never be forgotten, Jones' unique method of protest is dangerous. He says:

It is not to the moderate Muslim. Our message is not a message of hate. Our message is a message of warning to the radical element of Islam, and I think what we see right now around the globe provides exactly what we're talking about.

He has missed the mark. Burn any religious text and you are condemning and seriously insulting that religion. I know I would be furious if I heard about a bible burning (I am aware that they happen). I cannot fathom how it is not a message of hate and violence. Moderate and Radical Muslims have every right to be angry at this event. I see no purpose in his actions. It will only add fuel to the fire of radical Islam. Radicals will use Jones' actions as a justification for their jihad.

While I have my issues with the Muslim faith, I would not say they are evil by any stretch of the imagination. There are good tenants in (almost) every faith. Also, one must remember that Christians are not exempt from using religion to insight violence. I would encourage people to live and let live more. Disagree where you will, but do not hate or encourage violence. We must defend our rights and liberties and never forget what happened on September 11 2001. However, we must not let this event turn us into the same monsters as those terrorists. God bless all good people of the world, and with hope Jones will be stopped before he causes more problems.


Qur'an Burning: The Guardian UK

CNN: Plans to Burn Qur'an

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sorry for the Lack of Posts

I find it hard lately to focus on anything - let alone keep track of all the political goings on. I hope to catch up, but I fear my concentration and other skills are reduced by my latest DP flair. Take care out there!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thoughts on the School System

I recently was in a discussion with friends about the current school system. One of the noted problems was the age based learning system. Children learn at different speeds and levels. In my opinion, to hold a child back learning wise, or to pass them when they fail to gain the necessary knowledge is only harmful. I fully support teaching children in methods detailed to their learning style and pace. I personally would like to have studied classical texts for critical and theoretical purposes. Naturally, this would be done to skill level. Some time ago I read a book on how to get children (and adults) to love learning. It focused on working with one's natural talents/abilities and what have you in order to have them learn for themselves. For example, if they loved the outdoors, hikes would be considered a school activity, as well as learning plant names, weather patterns etc instead of a traditional desk style system. Or, in the matters of politics and language, reading classics (age appropriate naturally - no Shakespeare for kindergarten) then writing on them and studying them in detail with less teacher input and more self innovation. I am curious to your thoughts on the matter.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Prostitots Getting Younger and Younger

I came across this video today and was shocked. Sure, sexualizing children is not a new phenomenon, but this dance is still disturbing. These girls are around the age of eight. Eight is an age where boys still have cooties. I do admit that their dancing skills are good; however, their outfits and sexual moves are repugnant. They are just children! Even if the children aren't affected, this is fodder for the sickos out there. I have no more words.

ETA: just found this one as well. international dance competition

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


As promised here is more information on my depersonalization. I at first thought to write a documentary style post detailing what depersonalization is, but I will forgo that approach and write how depersonalization affects me and my life.

I have had depersonalization (DP) since I was a child - about eight years old. I cannot say for certain whether it was always there, or if it came and went. I know it has grown in severity the past few years. During childhood and adolescence I would have "shifts" every few months. Shifts are when my view of myself and the world changes. They are hard to describe, but basically I will go from being aware of my body (feeling inside it, a part of it), to feeling like I am watching a movie. Sometimes these shifts were not from "normal" to DP, but from one level to another. I catagorize DP into different levels of severity. For example,

1 - slight feeling of separation, but able to overcome it
2 -
3 - not connected to self and body, limbs and face are unfamiliar in the mirror, or to my face
4 -
5 - I have no conscious thoughts, all words, actions and phenomenon seem foreign. There is no feeling of being "me"

For level five, I cease to feel like I exist. Sure, I know I do, but I have no connection to myself or my mind. I cannot think to myself, or even comprehend that I (And sometimes the world) actually do exist. I feel like time is irrelevant and that nothing is truly real. (note, this does not mean I am psychotic, I still differentiate between reality and fantasy/dreams).

Naturally, it is a disconcerting feeling, although by level four or five, I no longer notice. For the past few months I have fluctuated between level four and five, hitting level three once or twice. As I write this I am at level five. It is difficult to interact with others, as I cannot follow long complicated conversations, and have trouble remembering things. I also feel separated from humanity which makes interactions awkward and stressing. Furthermore, I get dizzy and physically ill if I get agitated. On bad days, I cannot concentrate for more than 30 seconds before I space out. It is difficult to retain new information, or to be productive. Thus, I am unable to become employed (not even factoring in high anxiety) because I cannot be reliable. DP is not well researched, and there really is no treatment or cure. The majority of psychologists have very little idea what it is or why it comes about.

For some, it comes as a result of substance (primarily pot) abuse, while for many others it is a bodily defence against trauma. For some there is no apparent cause. Treatments can be medications to relieve anxiety, or therapies but no method is proven to work. Currently I am on a SSRI (selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors) which serves mostly to alleviate severe anxiety and depression. In my experience the only treatment which sometimes works is anti-histamine which makes me able to focus better.

This post is brief, but I hope it gives an idea as to what it is like to live with depersonalization. I'll answer any questions if you have them.