Friday, June 26, 2009

Alberta News - Bill 19 and Bill 36

Bill 36: Alberta Land Stewardship Act
A proposal which is stated to "compensate landowners whose property values are affected by conservation and stewardship restrictions under regional plans." Yet, it is also said to "open up sub surface rights to government expropriation without compensation." ( According to the Stelmach Government's Website the aim of the legislation is to:

* gives the Lieutenant Governor in Council authority to direct the development of, and subsequently approve, regional plans as legally binding documents under the Act;
* outlines what must be included in regional plans, plus what may be included to respond to regional needs and circumstances;
* allows the appointment of regional advisory councils to provide advice to government on developing regional plans;
* provides for reviews of regional plans at least every 10 years, or more often if needed to respond to changing circumstances;
* creates a secretariat to support regional planning; and
* requires provincial departments, regulatory agencies, municipalities and other local government authorities to align their decisions, plans and bylaws with regional plans.

The bill is related to Bill 19 which is entitled the Land Assembly Project Act.

Some reading on the bills and reactions to them.

Edmonton Journal

General Information on Bill 19

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