Friday, May 14, 2010

Prostitots Getting Younger and Younger

I came across this video today and was shocked. Sure, sexualizing children is not a new phenomenon, but this dance is still disturbing. These girls are around the age of eight. Eight is an age where boys still have cooties. I do admit that their dancing skills are good; however, their outfits and sexual moves are repugnant. They are just children! Even if the children aren't affected, this is fodder for the sickos out there. I have no more words.

ETA: just found this one as well. international dance competition


  1. Dance is one thing, but this was not age appropriate. When did we stop letting kids be kids?

  2. It's the kind of thing that makes one think that there is an argument for teaching eleven-year-olds about oral sex.

    They just keep sexualizing them at younger and younger ages...

  3. I'm seeing more and more evidence that the "Progressive" movement wants to sexualize children. The first video (with the whore outfits) is just one example. Obama's appointment of the perverted Kevin Jennings as so-called "Safe Schools Czar" is another. Seems also that "Planned Parenthood" and the Girl Scouts, even, are in on it... they're trying to push adult propaganda at kids, as if it was normal and proper to do so...

    No doubt that there's pedophiles lurking behind the curtain, in the shadows, perhaps orchestrating it...


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