Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thoughts on the School System

I recently was in a discussion with friends about the current school system. One of the noted problems was the age based learning system. Children learn at different speeds and levels. In my opinion, to hold a child back learning wise, or to pass them when they fail to gain the necessary knowledge is only harmful. I fully support teaching children in methods detailed to their learning style and pace. I personally would like to have studied classical texts for critical and theoretical purposes. Naturally, this would be done to skill level. Some time ago I read a book on how to get children (and adults) to love learning. It focused on working with one's natural talents/abilities and what have you in order to have them learn for themselves. For example, if they loved the outdoors, hikes would be considered a school activity, as well as learning plant names, weather patterns etc instead of a traditional desk style system. Or, in the matters of politics and language, reading classics (age appropriate naturally - no Shakespeare for kindergarten) then writing on them and studying them in detail with less teacher input and more self innovation. I am curious to your thoughts on the matter.

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