Saturday, July 11, 2009

Re: Natives

My comments appear to be on the fritz. My reply to Cmax is posted here instead.

Cmax, you make me out to be some big white demon who wishes to oppress the Natives and all those who oppose me. That is far from the truth. Tell me how I am oppressing the Natives? For that matter, how is Canada oppressing basic rights of the Natives. Anyone, native or not has the basic rights and freedoms allotted to them. A Native woman can go to university, get a job, or practice their religion just as I can. I do not, and have never suggested that these things should be taken away from them. I did not say that we should cancel any and all scholarships and funding for First Nations people. In fact I would not mind if it were increased. I merely said I wished that there would be a scholarship for us poor(er) average Joe Canadians. There is nothing at all racism about that statement. Wherein my past statements have I been even in the least racism? Please do point it out to me.

Furthermore, I did not say that we should ignore or “suck up” social inequality. I stated that the Natives and anyone for that matter should not hold onto past injustices simply for the sake of being pissed off. As I have made the point in my previous post, apologies must be made, and restitution (if possible) agreed upon. However, all of those gesture are for not if the Natives do not accept them. That is my base point. If the Natives do not accept the apology and restitution there is NO solution to the problem.

To be a conservative is to hang on to the old biasness, the old cultural ways of exclusion, for the benefit of one segment in society. Once a racists always a racist!

Your statement reacts of radical Liberalism. You label me a racist for remarks that do not even resemble racism. Yet, you paint me and all conservatives with the same brush. That is not racism but I am sure it is some sort if “ism” or prejudice against and all of the right wing. If you reread my statement with your mind and not your bias you will see that I did not advocate the elimination or exclusion of the Natives. For Goodness sake man, I simply stated that us “white folk” should have scholarships designed for us as well.

Yet native people have been stripped of all things, and yet people can still point the finger at them for their poverty. They have no land and no less little access to its resources on the land in which they reside.

It seems to me like you did not read my rather large post concerning the Natives. You colour me as someone who is hell bent on keeping the Native people downtrodden. If you take care to read what I have written you should see that I am advocating equality. I will not get into my views on Native reservations and what not at the present, but I fail to see how I am being so racist and oppressive. You are misquoting my words and intentionally misreading them in such a way as to justify your anger against the “oppressive white man” and to justify your bias against conservatives.

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  1. Wonder if CMax knows that Native women don't have equal rights compared to Native men.

    Wonder if CMax knows that Natives don't have equal human rights because their oppressive Native politicians won't allow them to have them, and because the Leftist parties in Parliament won't support the Conservatives' move to grant equal rights to all Natives.

    CMax obviously knows and understands nothing of the situation of Natives, doesn't understand the causes of their malaise, which are politics, both Native and non-Native politics.

    Em is NOT a racist in any way at all. She's never said anything racist in all the years I've known her as a blogger.

    Em, I think that CMax may be a troll or a propagandist. I get them all the time.

    Rarely are commentors like CMax just regular folks with a point of view, as they're just giving us the standard Leftist talking points, demonstrating that they actually don't have a unique point of view at all.

    We already know the dogmas and prejudices of the Left, so to have commentors pester us with the gobbleddygood we already are familiar with, isn't something that is necessary. Commentors should have a unique point of view rather than just parrot the Leftist Party Line.

    Also, if commentors persist, no matter what, in calling us "racist" or any other kind of attack label, no matter what, then they shall be advised that should they fail to cease and desist with their brainless demagoguery, their comments will be denied publication.


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