Thursday, July 9, 2009

Reverse Discrimination

Following my post on the First Nations land claims, I stumbled across this older article about the University of Saskatchewan. The bursary was intended for Nursing and Medical students. The alumni proposed the bursary wanted it to be for "non-aboriginals."

The woman approached the university last month with the donation request and was met with resistance when she asked the money be given to a non-aboriginal student, she said.

When asked why she wouldn't then be sympathetic to a student of any background who doesn't have the means to afford post-secondary education, she said aboriginal students, in particular, are more likely to have an opportunity to receive a scholarship or other benefits....

"All I'm asking for is fairness," she said. "I think there is an unequal playing field ... I want to reduce the barriers for non-aboriginal students who don't expect or receive benefits."

I can certainly see where she is coming form. As a student myself I have slogged through pages of information on different scholarships. I rarely meet the criteria. Many scholarships are designed for those of visible minorities, Natives (a separate category from visible minorities), genius level IQs, and the very poor. There are not many scholarships for the average Joe male or female Canadian. I see no problem with a scholarship designed for white Canadians. To cater only to the minorities is discriminating against the majority. In this case the majority is white Canadians. Just because I am not a visible minority, Native, or living on the streets does not mean I do not have financial difficulty.

One comment stated

Education is the first step to improving our world, it is definitly important! I have seen many scholarships saying anyone can apply but preference will go to a minority student. So how about saying "anyone can apply but preferenece will be given to a non-minority student" no race card being played! school is expensive, everyone needs help.



  1. Preference will be given to a student not a member of any group already receiving financial support.

    Really non discriminatioon :)

  2. The problem with racism is that it is a parochial phenomenon. If you haven't been oppressed based on your race, it is hard to understand such a circumstance on purely a intellectual level. Since a person can actually know how oppressive life can be under racism , it is a reasonable response to feel disturbed by anything that leads to further oppression.
    In a sense being oppressed, and knowing anything related to that particular oppression, is unfortunately the realities of people and there appears to be no convergence when it come to these realities. If anything it takes exceptional feelings and understanding to process another's reality.
    It is not a matter of equality, otherwise it would be that easy to get past the biasness that exist in our society. The constitution recognizes disadvantages, it certainly says more than most people care to understand.

  3. Sorry it should of read

    In a sense being oppressed, and "not" knowing anything related such an oppression, is unfortunately....

  4. When I was in university, when these types of subjects were raised, I voiced that I was visible minority (I'm a redhead). People laughed, but when I pointed out how silly it is to have everyone divided into categories and to have an Asian who is 5th generation Canadian more deserving of a scholarship/bursary than myself, if both of my parents emmigrated here from Germany, and I am a second-generation Canadian.

  5. CMax, you do have a point, but to that I say (with the nicest intent) "suck it up." I'm sure there is a more eloquent way to put it, but words fail me right now. I will not say that I understand the discrimination that say, Blacks, have faced in the past, but as I am a religious minority, I have at times been discriminated against and felt like an outsider. That said, to move past racism, those of us in the majority must view minorities as equals, AND minorities must forgive and forget past injustices and live equally. There are two ends here.

  6. It is denying the reality of the oppressed. It is using the advantages in place, for your own good and withholding good from others, who moreover deserve those goods equally. Canada will not go down because of its lowly, the rabble, but because of those who refuse to act justly. You cannot suck up social inequality, such thinking is an end in itself. It is perpetuating the demise of a “just” Canada. It is nothing more than arrogance and injustice in the face of a greater Canada. Native people will never be contributors with pathology like this. To be a conservative is to hang on to the old biasness, the old cultural ways of exclusion, for the benefit of one segment in society. Once a racists always a racist!
    Ecclesiastes 5:9 reads “Moreover, the profit of the earth is for all..” Yet native people have been stripped of all things, and yet people can still point the finger at them for their poverty. They have no land and no less little access to its resources on the land in which they reside. Yet, this would never be an acceptable thing to anyone else in our great Country. Every time natives are given anything to lift them up it is considered to be unequal, it is unjust; I guess it is better to leave them wretched, at least that’s how such thinking plays itself out. How can people who have much, deny those who have little? In essence, it is better to be generous and to be just when others refuse to do such a simple thing. Justice is hard to understand, especially for those who refuse to act. It is not moreover those who have much who need justice but those who have little.

  7. Leftists obviously don't understand what racism is. They only "understand" what they were told it's supposed to be, and they don't bother to think for themselves beyond that.

    Too bad that they don't realize, for example, that Barack Hussein (Barry Soetoro) Obama is a racist, because they're unable to think beyond what they're being told by the Left.

    Proof that Obama is racist, and so is his administration:

  8. I bet CMax doesn't know that the Democrats are responsible for slavery, for the KKK, for segregation, for the Crow Laws.

    I bet CMax doesn't know that the American Civil War happened because the Republicans of Lincoln, opposed the slavery and racism of the Democrats and actually waged war to put a stop to it. Then Lincoln abolished slavery.

    Wonder if CMax knows that MLK Jr. was a Republican.

    Wonder if CMax knows about Robert Byrd, Democrat Senator, who is a former Ku Klux Klan Grand Kleagle.

    Leftists don't understand who's the racist, nor what racism really is.

    I take no lectures from any Leftists on racism, precisely because they don't know what they're talking about. And because they think it's fine for minorities to discriminate against non-minorities, which constitutes racism and other kinds of -isms.

    I reject the double standards of the Left.

  9. Actually I'm a righty (born of right handed persuasion)- and I'm a Native Canadian to boot.

  10. In any case Cmax, you have yet to explain and give examples of this "opression." Until you do I am liable to not take you seriously.

  11. Oppression is to know that your people struggle in a land of plenty because some people have chosen to benefit themselves, at the, moreover, expense of excluding others. Oppression is working with people who for no particular reason believe they have a right to mistreat you. Color has a lot to do with people’s thinking and attitude, it as stupid as that.
    Culture and or even society has in fact given some people the right to abuse others, history with its exclusion and abuse has set a precedent.
    I don’t need to defend my troubles, it is the pathology of arrogance that,today, is very subversive but nonetheless is still is a prominent feature in our society.
    The responsibility lies with those who want to be dominant, "with power lies great responsibility."
    This country will not go down because of its minorities, it will go down because of the arrogance those who, moreover, want to be eminent, yet who refuse to administer real justice.

  12. Your post, while somewhat eloquent, hold no actual substance. I did not ask for generalities on what constitute oppression. I asked how you and your people are oppressed. It is a simple and specific question.


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