Saturday, September 5, 2009

Still Unpacking, Light Blogging

I'm still unpacking from my move, so blogging will be light.

What's an election without issues? - a good article about the upcoming "election" now that Ignatieff has "pulled the plug"

Arctic Warming - Apparently this is new news. I guess no one told them that this global warming business was "settled." If I find the time I have a few good links which disprove the hockey stick graph. Some scientists redid the tests and found that the original had major errors. I will try to find time to look it up. If given time I could find more fallacies in the article, but sadly I'm busy.


  1. A move, eh?

    Last year I moved, and for many weeks, blogging was either light or non-happening.

    I hope to move again, next time to Ottawa... to do, well, Ottawa stuff, of some sort or another.

  2. I moved from my parent's house back down South for University so I will likely be busy with school again soon, but all the unpacking is keeping me occupied for now. Ottawa would be interesting.

  3. Ottawa would be interesting.

    Yup. And fun, too. I simply don't belong where I am. Feeling like a caged puddytat in this here little city in the East. Kitty's got to roam far and wide.


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