Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Long Absence

Dear readers, though you may have all disappeared by now. I have had many a trouble these last few months. A couple years ago I suffered a trauma which left me with PTSD. I have also struggled with depression, anxiety and a rare disorder called depersonalization for years. This past year, in combination with a flare in my PTSD, caused me to quit schooling, and spend time mentally regrouping. I have decided to rejoin the blogging world in an effort to occupy my time as I am unable to work. I hope to hear from you and regain my blogger status. My focus may change to reflect my struggles, but I remain true to my Tory roots. Until then, fair well.


  1. Welcome back, Em. I was actually thinking of you just the other day, in fact...

  2. The victory is in the struggle.


  3. Just did a little reading on the phenomenon of "depersonalization". It actually sounds quite familiar to me personally (may have been there myself, in response to severe stress/confusion/adversity), and, I suspect, likely sounds familiar to a LOT of people. I bet it's quite common...

  4. Oh, heh... the "word verification" thingy just made me write "balls" to publish my last comment...

  5. I am a new reader but I have to say, BRAVO!

    The things that you describe are things that you can do to assist others, when you are ready.
    My best wishes and hearty welcome back, conservative blogger!

  6. I'll write a post on depersonalization when I have the mind to. CS, most people have it a time or two, especially if they have anxiety or anything like that. With me, it is chronic, or constant. Thank you for the encouragement everyone.


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